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Film budgeting - get a film budget for your international movie production:  UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Latin America, Europe.   Consult with an experienced line producer.

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We offer world class, A List film budgeting services from for worldwide production.  Film Budget Inc. is the film budget expert and global leader in International feature film budgeting and scheduling.  

Contact us to consult with a professional Hollywood line producer.  See our studio and indie film Credits.

A film budget by a veteran line producer dedicated to creating a quality, custom movie budget for fellow filmmakers is critical for obtaining film financing for your film production.  Major Hollywood studio and indie film expertise in film budgeting and scheduling over twenty-five years yields vast experience for your production.  With an expert onboard your film you get the benefit of decades of experience.

Consulting with an experienced line producer about your movie is the best way forward to film finance.  Additionally, obtaining a qualified film budget that your investors will accept is critical.  

The Indie Film Market and Film Budget Accuracy - Watch the Youtube Film Budget Producer Credit Reel

Now more than ever the accuracy and efficiency of one's film budget is critical to success in the marketplace.   Film financiers are more scrupulous than they have ever been.   Production value is at a premium as the level of the film budget continues to be pushed down to less risk adverse business models.   

From the Producer of 'Reign Over Me' - Play Trailer

This changing market for indie film requires an indie film budget and schedule from a veteran line producer be tight, right, and reliable.  Investors have increasingly relied upon qualified professionals to create their custom, proven film budget and production services.  Such film budgeting intergrity has become the norm as a film budget template or software program without a line producer is like a sandwich without bread.  It doesn't hold muster(d).


The craft of film budgeting has entered a period of much more intense scrutiny and therefore greater importance than ever before.  With capital markets remaining tight, but opening a bit in light of recent distribution purchasing, film budget quality has undertaken a new sense of urgency.   Film financing is reliant upon a line producer creating a screenplay breakdown, building a shooting schedule unique to the requirements of the movie and finally the calculation of each element of the film budget with accuracy and dependability for the financiers and investors.  

Film and BudgetIn order to move your project from script to screen, a detailed, custom made budget which represents the financial plan for executing the production of your film, movie, documentary, video or television and new media project.  Film budgets are meticulously calculated and established at in accordance with your screenplay. As we are seasoned producers, line producers, production supervisors and unit production managers we provide a minimum of 25 years each of production experience and knowledge.  We provide you expert execution in determining what your film costs, the best location to shoot it and how long it will take from development, pre-production, principal photography, post & delivery. Our film budget & scheduling ability is entrusted by completion bond companies and film financiers & investors.

Major Hollywood studios, large independent film companies and small indies utilize our services to obtain accurate and proven film budgets from the field. From big budget films to low budget movies and all sizes of television shows, our film budgeting service is second to none.

While simultaneously creating detailed, accurate and bankable film budgets, we also create our own film productions, ensuring you up-to-date financials and figures, rates and evaluations.

Films produced by Film Budget Inc. include working with such stars as:

Adam Sandler
Don Cheadle
Kevin Costner
Ben Affleck
Joan Allen
Liv Tyler
Donald Sutherland
Keri Russell
Evan Rachel Wood
Erica Christensen
Rebecca Romijn
Alicia Witt
Kate Walsh
John Cleese
Kal Penn
Gina Gershon
Bill Paxton
Kevin Pollack
Diane Lane

to name of few, in such films as "Reign Over Me" (Columbia Pictures), "The Upside of Anger" (New Line Cinema), "Man About Town" (Lions Gate Films) amongst many more. We supply Budgets & Schedules to these Studios as well as The Walt Disney Company, Twentieth Century Fox and many more.

We are Professional Grade Line Producers, Producers and Film Production Company executives ready to move your project forward with a highly detailed film budget and schedule investors may rely upon as accurate.  Entrust your film budgeting to a responsible line producer with extensive experience in film production.

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We provide you with finance ready and camera ready film budgeting and film scheduling packages.

Accept no imitations.
Others will "cut & paste" a budget on the cheap for you, or supply a "low cost top sheet" however this will not withstand scrutiny of your investors auditors.
Utilize Quality at every step. There is no shortcut to success.

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Das Offizielle Weltweite Heim für Berufliche Filmehaushalte

Um weiter den Film, das Video und die Fernsehen-Industrie Beste Qualitäten filmehaushalte & Zeitpläne zu versorgen, verwendend 25 Jahre erwiesener Erfahrung im Feld.

Sie dürfen uns an kontaktieren. Film Planend für Filmemacher.

Zapft unser Angeschlossenes Netz von Unterhaltungsfachleute weltweit, in allen Hauptproduktion zentriert an, können wir Fachmann, Genau & Erwiesene Filmehaushalte & Zeitpläne, Ihre Produktion von Schriftart zu bewegen, Abzuschirmen. anbieten. Zuverlässige Filmetataufstellung - Studio & Verbindungsfirma Hat für über zwei Jahrzehnte und des des Studios & unabhängigen Filme von 100's Genehmigt.

Ob Sie ein Schreiber, Direktor, Erzeuger, Studioexekutive oder Finanzexperte sind, schneiden wir unsere Produktions Pakete zu, Ihren Bedürfnissen, Projekt und Kostenstruktur anzupassen.

Von Niedrigem Haushalt Hoch - Unabhängig zu Studiosprojekten wir anbieten die detäilliertsten Produktionsfilmehaushalte, Zeitpläne Zu Planen, und Berichte, die Finanz & Kamera sind, Vorbereiten.

Finanzierung — Steuernanreize — Rabatte — Kreditiert
Wir spezialisieren führt in Sie zum besten Ort für Ihre Geschichte. Unsere Kenntnis von Weltweit und Staatssteuernanreize, Steuergutschriften und Rabatte in Verbindung mit spezifischen und regionalen Mannschaftenraten werden Ihnen beim Wählen der richtige Ort raten, Ihre Produktion für die niedrigsten Filmehaushalte und Produktionswert von hoch Qualität zu schießen.

Kontaktieren Sie uns betreffend Ihrer Bedürfnisse und den wir werden stellen zusammen ein auf Bestellungsfilmhaushaltpaket für Sie. Filmhaushalt und plant. Die Greenlight Bedingung.
Fragt, dass uns um Cashflow auch Plant!

Erzeuger dürfen auch zur Verfügung für Beratung auf Finanzierung, Schriftartentwicklung, Austeilung, Steuernanreizen und allgemeiner Produktion Ausgaben stehen. Kontaktieren Sie uns, um ein Zitat auf diesen Diensten zu erhalten.

Zusätzlich bedenken wir ab und zu gewisse Projekte für unsere angeschlossene Produktion & Entwicklung Firma Greentrees Filme mit Beachtungen zu Anstellung unsere Dienste als ein Filmerzeuger, und sowie Finanzierung (unabhängig, Bank, auf Steuer, Coproduktion, usw.) basiert erhaltend, führend zu Produktion von Ihrem Projekt.

Michigan Film Anreize — Michigan Filmproduktion wird der neue Krisenherd in Filmemacherei sein. Informationen hier.

Michigan Film Steuererstattung — Michigan Filmproduktion — Linienerzeuger — Filmt Steuergutschrift

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Etataufstellung & Planend!

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